Introducing 2014 Makers – Illustrated Six Word Memoirs

Brought to you by Farnsworth Art Museum of Rockland:

Write and illustrate your story in just six words. Personal historian meghan Vigeant and artist Alexis Immarino will be on hand to guide the writing and design of an illustrated six-word memoir. Participants will have the option of having their finished pieces photographed and shared with the community, possibly online or as a book!



Inroducing 2014 Makers – Sweet Tree Arts

Walking on eggshells? Come out and see for yourself! Equipment provided – eggs. Equipment needed – bare feet. Lindsay of Sweet Tree Arts will be here to share the magic and science of eggs!

sweet tree egg crates

Introducing 2014 Makers – Making Cyanotypes

Jasonwill introduce us to cyanotypes!

Cyanotype is a simple 19th century photo proofing/printing process also used to make blueprints and decorate clothing. Participants can make photograms and print negatives in bright sunshine and develop in water. Wonderful rich blue prints are the keepsake!

Introducing 2014 Makers – Ansteron microcontroller

Tim develops a microcontroller board called Ansteron Board, which can work with a variety of sensors and control devices like LCD, motor, speaker. Makers can use it as “the brain” of their projects. An important point is that the Ansteron Board is programmed using a flowchart-like visual programming language which is easier to learn and use for people who have little or no programming experience.  It is also a good tool for teaching as well.

His exhibit will include 4 to 5 small demo projects to show what Ansteron Board can do. Tim will bring one robot hand built with 4 RC servos that will play a memory game, a digital clock built with LED ring, a self-balancing robot and a device that plays random sounds (could make you laugh) when you push the button. They’re all built with Ansteron Board.

Introducing 2014 Makers – CMCA LegoLab

Center for Maine Contemporary Art will be here with their ArtLab’s LegoLab. Lots of supplies will be on hand to make, make, and make some more. Your imagination is the limit. Create funky necklaces, keychains, pins, using Lego pieces and cool bits of hardware.



lego-cmca-maker faire

Introducing 2014 Makers – Sauerkraut Making

Meaghan will present a hands-on workshop making a big batch of kraut. Exact time to be determined – there will be a single workshop at an appointed time and a Q&A session throughout the event. Come and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lacto-fermenting vegetables and dig your hands into some cabbage.
SauerkrautThe lacto-fermentation process enhances nutrient absorption and enriches biodiversity of gut flora. It is a form of activism in itself because it challenges conventional forms of preservation. Meaghan says, “I’ve been playing with my food and microorganisms for several years now. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you!”

Introducing 2014 Makers – Biomass Gasification, Running engines on wood

Northern Self Reliance is a small Maine company that builds biomass gasifier systems. These machines convert wood chips and pellets into syngas, a fuel gas capable of running engines in tractors, generators, and vehicles. We will be demonstrating one of our systems running a home generator.


Introducing 2014 Makers – Foam Flyers and Quadcopters

John will be here building inexpensive model airplanes out of dollar store foam board and downloadable patterns. Motor and control systems will be demonstrated, and project source and information sheets will be provided.

flying quad

flying quad 2




Introducing 2014 Makers – Oven Bake Clay

Your imagination is the limit in this hands-on activity. Claire, one of our junior Makers, will show some of her projects made with oven bake clay as well as show participants how to make their own using special clay tools. If you’d like to keep your project, she will tell you what temperature and for how long to bake the creations in your own home.

Clay Food photo IMG_0749_zps3120343b.jpg

Welcome, 2014 Makers!

The Call for Makers is officially closed for the 2014 season. We’ll be announcing our Makers over the next few weeks. SO exciting! There will be lots of hands-on making, lots to watch, touch and listen to. It’s a feast for the senses! If you really really want to still try to participate as a maker, performer or vendor, and it’s between July 15 and September 6, please get in touch with us directly at or call the Camden Public Library at 207-236-3440.

CMCA's ArtLab "Mystery Bag" - Make a Robot. Photo by Maggi Blue

CMCA’s ArtLab “Mystery Bag” – Make a Robot. Photo by Maggi  Blue