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Thank you, thank you!

Dear Makers, Organizers, Participants, Sponsors and Weather, thank you for making the 2014 Midcoast Mini Maker Faire happen! It was an absolute blast, despite you, humidity, showing off.

We’re sifting through hundreds of photos and more will be coming in the next few days. Here are just a few, in no particular order and not everyone may be included here. In the meantime, thank you!!



Introducing 2014 Makers – Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries  are community-building art projects — small, mailbox-like structures that house free books! There are nearly 15,000 Little Libraries across the country, but only about a dozen in Maine. We want to encourage people to share their love for reading with their neighbors and install a Little Library in their yard.

At the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire, Chelsea Avirett, Tom Weiss and Dena Davis will collaborate to make 2-4 Little Libraries and share information about the project. The libraries will be decorated with found objects (like pennies, buttons, etc.). These libraries will include books donated by local businesses to get people started with their library collection. Each little library will be raffled off at the end of the day.

little free library has lots of links if you’d like to see media coverage. “Little Free Libraries have been featured in thousands of stories in newspapers, magazines, broadcast news, blogs, websites and online news services around the world, reaching hundreds of millions of people.  New stories are published daily, reaching architects, urban and rural planning experts, moms, teachers, hobbyist woodworkers, youth and community development specialists, literacy and education advocates, librarians and just plain people.”


Introducing 2014 Makers – Lego Robotics Team – Rockland RoboGeeks

The students of the RSU 13 Lego Robotics Team, The Rockland RoboGeeks, will showcase some of their Lego Robotic Creations. The will have a hands on Lego bridge making activity. VillageSoup had a great article about these young makers this year.

Photo credit Knox Village Soup

Photo credit Knox Village Soup

Introducing 2014 Makers – DIY Merry-go-round swing

Arthur Haines will be here, setting up his  homemade three person solar powered merry-go-round swing. It can be enjoyed by kids or adults. Come swing with us!


Introducing 2014 Makers – Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Program

Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Proorigami4gram will be here with a number of origami models.

The modular origami models shown involve several identically folded paper units (or modules) assembled into a finished model. It has wide range of practical applications, in fields as diverse as robotics, hydraulicorigami tube bending, protein folding, sheet-metal bending, and air-bag folding. Math lovers, engineers, scientists and physicians will be excited to note that most models resemble the crystal structures they work with. The mathematics of modular origami has been in-depth analyzed by mathematicians, engineers, scientists and architectorigami2s. Most folding and unfolding problems are attractive from a pure mathematical standpoint, from the beauty of the problems themselves.
The maker of the models – Eva Szillery obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics in Hungary at the prestigious Eotvos Lorand University. She started folding modular origami as an application for the teaching of mathematics. origami3

All photos are from the MMSETS’ Facebook page.




Introducing 2014 Makers – Illustrated Six Word Memoirs

Brought to you by Farnsworth Art Museum of Rockland:

Write and illustrate your story in just six words. Personal historian meghan Vigeant and artist Alexis Immarino will be on hand to guide the writing and design of an illustrated six-word memoir. Participants will have the option of having their finished pieces photographed and shared with the community, possibly online or as a book!


Inroducing 2014 Makers – Sweet Tree Arts

Walking on eggshells? Come out and see for yourself! Equipment provided – eggs. Equipment needed – bare feet. Lindsay of Sweet Tree Arts will be here to share the magic and science of eggs!

sweet tree egg crates

Introducing 2014 Makers – Making Cyanotypes

Jasonwill introduce us to cyanotypes!

Cyanotype is a simple 19th century photo proofing/printing process also used to make blueprints and decorate clothing. Participants can make photograms and print negatives in bright sunshine and develop in water. Wonderful rich blue prints are the keepsake!

Introducing 2014 Makers – Ansteron microcontroller

Tim develops a microcontroller board called Ansteron Board, which can work with a variety of sensors and control devices like LCD, motor, speaker. Makers can use it as “the brain” of their projects. An important point is that the Ansteron Board is programmed using a flowchart-like visual programming language which is easier to learn and use for people who have little or no programming experience.  It is also a good tool for teaching as well.

His exhibit will include 4 to 5 small demo projects to show what Ansteron Board can do. Tim will bring one robot hand built with 4 RC servos that will play a memory game, a digital clock built with LED ring, a self-balancing robot and a device that plays random sounds (could make you laugh) when you push the button. They’re all built with Ansteron Board.

Introducing 2014 Makers – CMCA LegoLab

Center for Maine Contemporary Art will be here with their ArtLab’s LegoLab. Lots of supplies will be on hand to make, make, and make some more. Your imagination is the limit. Create funky necklaces, keychains, pins, using Lego pieces and cool bits of hardware.



lego-cmca-maker faire