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Photos from the 2016 Midcoast Mini Maker Faire

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2015 Midcoast Mini Maker Faire is a hit!


An amazing day! Thank you to all 2015 Makers for making this an incredible event. Thank you to our sponsors, our primary sponsors ElectricityMaine and Bangor Savings Bank as well as many others. Thank you to the organizers who met as a committee for several months. And thank you to the volunteers who staffed the day, running around in bright green shirts making sure it all happens. And lastly, thank you, Mother Nature, for the wonderful weather you sent us today!
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3rd Annual Midcoast Mini Maker Faire is a day away!

lockpicking josh_gerritsen ff_hovercraft_f CharleyThe tent is up and the weather is looking great. We are excited to welcome an amazing group of makers this Saturday, September 12th. Join us between 11am and 3pm to learn about and try your hand at:


modular origami

3D printing

thermal imaging



home made car

solar hot air heater construction

build a mini ROV to explore underwater

make a Harry Potter wand

audio recording of a mini memoir

hand drawn monsters

and much more!

Second Annual Midcoast Mini Maker Faire is around the corner!

It’s funny how you put a date on the calendar a year away, and then, suddenly, boom, it’s here! Here we are just a couple of days away from the 2nd Midcoast Mini Maker Faire, crossing “t”s and dotting “i”s as we print the event programs, touch base with volunteers, and tie up dozens of other ends to bring you the best day we can. And the rest is up to you – come learn, make, participate, laugh, create a memory. If you’re taking pictures, we’d love it if you shared! Post to our wall or tag us on Twitter with #midcoastminimakerfaire.

I feel compelled to say that this is a rain or shine event. There is little bits of doubt in the forecast at the time of this writing (on Tuesday), but that may all very well change to all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Wait, hold the rainbows, don’t they usually follow precipitation?


New this year:

– Coffeeman will be there to fill caffeine needs

– Darling’s Photo Booth

– Blackstone Accelerates Growth seminar for enterpreuners and anyone else, really, who is interested in learning about state resources for starting your own business. Preregister here, for the 1pm workshop.

– Admission is by suggested donation – $2/person or $5/family to help us cover the costs of renting the tent, tables, etc. Cash, check or credit card will be accepted at the registration booth.


Hope to see you there!

A seminar for enterpreneurs by Blackstone Accelerates Growth

There will be a free “Entrepreneurs Seminar” offered by our sponsor, Blackstone Accelerates Growth at 1:00 pm on September 6th (Faire day!) in the library, to inform everyone of resources from Maine Technology Institute (MTI), the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development (MCED), and the University of the Maine that can help you start and grow your Printbusiness in Maine. Whether you have an idea for a new startup or are managing an established business, this free workshop will bring together resources from some of Maine’s most prominent partners to answer your questions. Space is limited and registration for this free event is required. You can register online or by calling the library at (207)236-3440.

Photos from the first Midcoast Mini Maker Faire

Photos below by Camden Public Library staff. And we have lots more! Did you take any? Share with us on Flickr.

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Thank you, everyone!

Where are we? Too busy sorting through tons of photos of the first Midcoast Mini Maker Faire! We had a great turn-out and so much fun was had by all! A little preview and lots more to come!

Do you have photos you took? Please share them with everyone on Flickr!

CMCA's ArtLab "Mystery Bag" - Make a Robot. Photo by Maggi Blue

CMCA’s ArtLab “Mystery Bag” – Make a Robot. Photo by Maggi Blue


Thank you, Mother Nature!

weather forecast

Make a Maker Faire

It takes many hands to put on the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire. Who wants to join in on the fun? We are looking to add a few more members to our team to help primarily on the day of the event, although we welcome all other proposals from enthusiasts.

Are you a photographer or a videographer? We’d love to capture some media of the booths, the workshops and demo’s that will be going on everywhere.

Are you handy with setting up in non-conventional areas? To accommodate as many Makers (and their Made Stuff), we’ll need as much room as possible and might need to get creative about space.

Signage – can you make signs and set them up? We’ve got many places that will need signs, just for you!

Those are just some examples. We’d love to hear from anyone and everyone who might like to be involved in any capacity. Please leave your name in this form and we’ll be in touch shortly!