2015 Midcoast Mini Maker Faire is a hit!


An amazing day! Thank you to all 2015 Makers for making this an incredible event. Thank you to our sponsors, our primary sponsors ElectricityMaine and Bangor Savings Bank as well as many others. Thank you to the organizers who met as a committee for several months. And thank you to the volunteers who staffed the day, running around in bright green shirts making sure it all happens. And lastly, thank you, Mother Nature, for the wonderful weather you sent us today!
P1300751 P1300753 P1300759 P1300769 P1300770 P1300774 P1300775 P1300776 P1300782 P1300787 P1300791 P1300795 P1300802 P1300806 P1300809 P1300816 P1300820 P1300830 P1300833 P1300835 P1300849 P1300852 P1300854 P1300858 P1300898 P1300905 P1300868 P1300876 P1300879 P1300887 P1300889 P1300894


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