Introducing 2014 Makers – Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Program

Maine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Proorigami4gram will be here with a number of origami models.

The modular origami models shown involve several identically folded paper units (or modules) assembled into a finished model. It has wide range of practical applications, in fields as diverse as robotics, hydraulicorigami tube bending, protein folding, sheet-metal bending, and air-bag folding. Math lovers, engineers, scientists and physicians will be excited to note that most models resemble the crystal structures they work with. The mathematics of modular origami has been in-depth analyzed by mathematicians, engineers, scientists and architectorigami2s. Most folding and unfolding problems are attractive from a pure mathematical standpoint, from the beauty of the problems themselves.
The maker of the models – Eva Szillery obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics in Hungary at the prestigious Eotvos Lorand University. She started folding modular origami as an application for the teaching of mathematics. origami3

All photos are from the MMSETS’ Facebook page.





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