Introducing 2014 Makers – Ansteron microcontroller

Tim develops a microcontroller board called Ansteron Board, which can work with a variety of sensors and control devices like LCD, motor, speaker. Makers can use it as “the brain” of their projects. An important point is that the Ansteron Board is programmed using a flowchart-like visual programming language which is easier to learn and use for people who have little or no programming experience.  It is also a good tool for teaching as well.

His exhibit will include 4 to 5 small demo projects to show what Ansteron Board can do. Tim will bring one robot hand built with 4 RC servos that will play a memory game, a digital clock built with LED ring, a self-balancing robot and a device that plays random sounds (could make you laugh) when you push the button. They’re all built with Ansteron Board.


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