Make a Maker Faire

It takes many hands to put on the Midcoast Mini Maker Faire. Who wants to join in on the fun? We are looking to add a few more members to our team to help primarily on the day of the event, although we welcome all other proposals from enthusiasts.

Are you a photographer or a videographer? We’d love to capture some media of the booths, the workshops and demo’s that will be going on everywhere.

Are you handy with setting up in non-conventional areas? To accommodate as many Makers (and their Made Stuff), we’ll need as much room as possible and might need to get creative about space.

Signage – can you make signs and set them up? We’ve got many places that will need signs, just for you!

Those are just some examples. We’d love to hear from anyone and everyone who might like to be involved in any capacity. Please leave your name in this form and we’ll be in touch shortly!


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